Audi’s $1.2 billion Audi Q5 comes with a custom exterior interior, Audi’s ‘Avant Garde’ software engine engine, and a more powerful hybrid version

By AP Editor-In-Chief Andrew FazioThe new Audi Q3 has been revealed at the 2017 Frankfurt auto show, but it isn’t just the new technology that has caught the attention of enthusiasts.

It also has a very unique interior design.

The Audi Q4 is a very modern design with a modern interior.

The new Audi Quattro is more traditional with a traditional design, and the Audi S3 is the modern luxury sedan.

And there is more.

The top-of-the-line Audi Q6 comes with an all-new “Avant garde” software engine.

The engine will have the ability to boost power, improve fuel efficiency, and offer a range of new features and technologies.

The Audi Quatro and Audi S4 all use a new “Aptitude” engine, which will give it a new engine architecture, an all new engine package, and more advanced technologies.

The latest model will get the all-wheel drive version, which makes it easier to shift into manual gear while driving.

The new Quattros are also getting more power and the power is being distributed to the wheels through a new gearbox.

Audi has also tweaked the way the new engine is operated.

It is now more efficient and it is easier to control the engine.

Audi has also updated the driver interface.

There are new buttons and a larger display, and new voice commands.

The car’s driver assistant has also been tweaked.

The top-end Audi Q7 will also have an all electric drivetrain.

It will have electric motors, batteries and regenerative braking, and will be able to go 60 miles per hour.

Audi says the electric drivetrains will offer 50% more electric power than the petrol engines, and it will offer “up to 70% more range than the diesel engine.”

It is worth noting that Audi has added an allwheel drive option to the Q7, too.

It has been designed for sport driving, not everyday driving.

Audi claims that the electric motors will “enable up to 60% more torque than the existing petrol engines.”

Audi has been testing all of these new features on the Q5.

The Quattrons and S4s are not the only new Audi models that have been announced at the Frankfurt auto shows.

Audi is also announcing a new Q6 sports car, and Audi has announced its new Q5 sedan.

Audi will also unveil a new all-electric SUV in the near future.

We’ll be back soon with more details on all the announcements and what else is in store for Audi’s new lineup.

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