How to use aircraft interior paint to make it look like an aircraft

A plane interior paint job can be a pain in the ass to do right.

This article by Crypto Coins brings together some of the best tips to achieve the best looking interior in your flight simulator.

Read More , and I’ve included the tutorial video to show you how to create a new aircraft interior that will look like one of the most popular aircraft of the modern era.

This video will walk you through how to apply the first batch of aircraft interior color to your cockpit.

I personally used a dark blue that I purchased at a flea market for a base coat.

This blue was actually the color of a light grey and a very light grey that is commonly used to paint aircraft windows.

I applied a light brown to the inside of the cockpit and then used that as a basecoat.

I found the light brown was not the best color to work with in this process, as the dark blue in the picture is too dark for my taste.

I ended up going with a lighter grey to match the other colors on the plane.

I also added some orange to the interior of the pilot’s seat to help bring out the light grey tones that I wanted.

To create a dark grey color, I applied this paint using my spray gun.

Once I was satisfied with the results, I sprayed the entire plane with the lighter grey.

I then went back and used the lighter colour to mix the darker grey.

The result was a very subtle dark grey that was very easy to mix and match.

I used the same basecoat as before to apply this final coat of the dark grey to the plane, which ended up looking a lot better.

I also applied a final coat using a lighter green to match a grey tint in the cockpit.

This green was a lighter shade of green that I found at a local paint store, and I ended the final step of the process with this green as my final colour.

If you would like to use a lighter color, use a medium green, and blend it to achieve a lighter, more matte finish.

You may also want to use white to match your aircraft.

I have included a video that you can watch that will walk through the entire process of applying aircraft interior interior color and how to mix it with other colors.

If your looking to try some of these tips and are not yet familiar with the craft of creating a new interior in the aircraft, this video will teach you a lot.

Be sure to check out the video to see how I apply my new aircraft cockpit.

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