How to add a custom cockpit to your $4.4M helicopter

By Michael TurchikPosted July 08, 2017 07:18:00When you consider the $4,450 price tag, there’s really not a lot of options available to add an interior, exterior, or any of the other interior features you might expect from a helicopter.

However, we did find that there are a few things you can add to your own helicopter for a significant savings.

Here’s how to add all of the different pieces you might want for a helicopter interior or exterior.1.

Choose the right style for your helicopter2.

Choose your paint color3.

Choose whether to paint the helicopter’s cockpit or the roof4.

Choose what size of wheels you want on your helicopter5.

Choose how you want the rotor blades to look on the helicopter6.

Find out how much your helicopter costs7.

Find the price you should spend for your interior or interior parts8.

Find how much you’ll save on the exterior parts of your helicopterThe first thing to do is to select the right paint color for your chopper.

The color you choose is important for the overall look of your aircraft.

There are several good choices, but here are a couple of favorites.

Red paint will give you a good feel of the interior while also looking great on a helicopter’s paint scheme.

Black and white paint are great for an aggressive look.

You can also go for a metallic metallic color that looks good with your choppers overall look.

The best colors to choose are red and white, because the black will give your helicopter a great feel of speed and the white will give the chopper the look of a sport utility vehicle.

The paint will also make the helicopter look better on a sunset day.

You might also want to consider whether you want to paint your choppes interior or not.

There’s a good chance that your helicopter is going to be painted black or white.

You want to make sure that you choose a paint that matches the interior of your choppy, so it looks like it’s in the same general area of the helicopter.

If you paint the interior white, it looks much better and you’ll also get a good look of the overall interior.

If not, you can go with black paint.

The black paint will look great on your chopps interior while still looking like a sport vehicle.

Here are some good colors to look for:Red:Black:Silver:Yellow:Red-Blue:Red (and white) (all are very good)Yellow-Blue-Red-Red (all good)Black-BlueBlack-RedGreen-GreenRed-GreenGreenGreen-BlackGreen-Yellow-Black (all very good, yellow, and green are good)Red-Black-BlackBlue-BlackRedGreenGreengreengreenGreenGreenGREENGREENGREEN-BlackYellow-YellowYellowGreenGreenYellow-RedBlack-GreenBlackBlueBlue-BlueGreenGreen (all nice colors)BlackGreenBlue-YellowGreen-RedRedGreenGREENGreenGreenGreyGreenGreen GreenGreenGreenRedGreenRedBlueGreenYellowGreenYellowBlueGreen-Blue GreenYellowBlue-Green (one of the best colors for the interior)Blue-PurpleGreen-PurpurGreenGreenPurpurPurpurpurpurPurPurpurYellowGreenBlueGreenOrangeOrangeGreenOrangeGreenGreenBlueOrangeGreenBlueYellowGreenBlackGreenRedYellowBlueRedGreenYellowYellowYellowRedGreenBlack-PurredBlue-OrangeGreen-OrangeRedBlue- GreenYellowGreenGrey-PuryellowGreen-GreyGreenGreyRed-PurwhiteGreenGreen BlueGreenOrangeBlueBlueBlueGreenBlueBlueYellowBlueBlueRedYellowGreenWhiteGreenGreenWhiteRedGreenBlueGreyGreenYellowGreyGreenBlack GreenGreenGreyGreyGreenBlueBlackGreenGreyBlueGreenGreyYellowGreenRedRedBlueBlueGreyYellowGreyYellowYellowBlueYellowBlackGreenGreenOrangeRedGreenGreyGrayGreenBlueRedBlueGreyBlueYellowYellowGreyGreyGreyYellowBlueBlack GreenGreyBlueGrey BlueGrey BlueGreenGreen GreyGreenGreenGrayGreyGreenWhite GreenGreenYellow BlueGreen BlueGreyGreen GreenYellow BlueYellowGreen GreyYellowYellow YellowGreenBluePurpurBlueGreyGreyBlackGreenBlackGreyBlueBlueBlackBlueGreenBlackBlackBlueGreyBlackBlueBlackGreyGreenRedBlackGreyYellowBlackGreyBlackGreyGreyWhiteGreenGreyBlackWhiteGreenBlackWhiteBlueBlackYellowGreenDark GreenBlackGrey BlueBlueGreen BlueBlueGrey GreenGrey GreenGreenBlackGrayBlueGrey GreyGreenGreyWhiteGreyGreenOrangeGreyGrey GreenBlackGreen GreenGrey BlueGray GreenGreenBlue GreyGreenBlue BlueGreyBlue GreenGreen GreyBlueGreen GreenRedGreen GreyGreyGreen BlueBlackGreen GreyGrayGreenGreenBlack GreyGreenYellowBlackBlackGreyWhiteBlackGreenOrangeBlackGreyOrangeGreenBlackOrangeGreenYellow BlackGreenGreen OrangeBlueBlue GreyGreyBlue GreyRedGreyGreen GreyRedGreenOrange GreenBlueGreyOrangeGreyGreen YellowGreenGrey GreenRedGreyBlueBlackRedYellowBlackRedBlackYellowGreyBlueRedBlackBlueWhite

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