Which cars are the best for the Jewish community?

A recent survey found that almost half of Israeli Jews would not buy a car from an Arab driver if they had to drive through the country in order to avoid a conflict with Palestinians.

The survey was conducted by an Israeli company and carried out in conjunction with the Israeli Association for the Promotion of Peace and Cooperation (IAPC) in order for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present the results of the survey to the country’s President, Tzipi Livni.

The study was carried out by a team of scientists and engineers from Israel’s National Science Research Institute (NISI) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The results of their research, conducted on behalf of the NISI, showed that most Israeli Jews don’t want to own a car with an Arab owner, even if the driver is from the Arab community.

The researchers said that a majority of respondents would not want to purchase a car or a motorcycle from an owner of Arab origin if it would mean that the driver would be a member of the terrorist organization Hamas.

“In order to save a lot of lives, we need to protect our citizens from the threat posed by terrorists who commit terror acts against Israel,” the scientists wrote in a press release.

“The survey shows that about half of Israelis are not willing to buy a vehicle from an individual with an African or Arab background,” they added.

“Many of them do not even want to visit the Arab world, or to travel with a family member.

If an Arab person drives a car in Israel, he will be able to be a terrorist,” said Dr. Amir Rabinovitch, the head of the team of researchers.”

It’s not a problem if he’s from the Palestinian community, but if he is from an African background, he’s probably not a very good choice.”

The poll found that nearly half of respondents (46 percent) said that they would not have a problem with a Palestinian driver, while 35 percent said they would.

In addition, two-thirds of the respondents said that if they were to purchase their own car, they would buy the car of someone who is a member and organizer of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a terrorist organization founded by terrorist Osama bin Laden in the 1980s.

In their research the scientists stated that they were surprised that the majority of the Israelis would not be willing to purchase an Arab-owned car.

“We’ve never seen this before.

Most people would have to pay to get their car, but it’s not true,” Rabinowitz said.”

What’s happening in the Arab-Israeli conflict is quite a strange phenomenon.

The majority of people are saying that they want to protect their interests, and we’re not saying they should have to buy cars.

If a Palestinian or Arab is driving a car, he should be able buy the vehicle from the Jewish driver.

This is what we have to do to save lives,” he added.

Rabinovitches findings also showed that the Arab population in Israel is more than twice as likely to commit a terrorist act than the Jewish population.

Rabbi Shimon Shmuel, president of the Hebrew Union for Human Rights (HUHR), told The Jerusalem Times that the findings indicate that the public should stop being afraid of Arabs and start considering the consequences of terrorist activity.

“When we see people who are taking their life into their hands, we should be scared,” Shmuely added.

“It shows that there are a lot more Israelis than Jews, and the fear of the Jews is justified.”HUHRC’s Shmulion said that there is a big gap between what is happening in Israel and what is being reported in the international media.

“There are many incidents in which Arabs have committed terrorist acts, and when the international community talks about it, we hear about the Jewish threat, but the reality is very different,” Shmuil said.

“When it comes to the Arab threat, it is completely different.

The media has been so afraid of them that they have not reported the real situation.”

Shmuil added that the HUHR believes that the government should take more action to prevent terror attacks.

“If you’re a member, of any kind, of the Arab or Jewish community, you should be willing and able to take responsibility for the safety of the community and for the security of the state,” he said.

In a separate survey, the Israeli daily Haaretz revealed that a third of the Israeli public said that their country has become a safer place in recent years, with less violence and terrorism in general.

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