Nissan unveils ‘special’ 2018 WRX custom interior

Nissan’s new WRX SUV has become a hit with consumers and enthusiasts for its custom-designed interior and exterior design.

The brand’s latest model comes with the most radical interior and interior features in the company’s lineup.

Here are the most notable features.

Nissan WRX Custom Interior Custom 4×8 Interiors Nissan’s latest WRX (or RSX, depending on where you live) is a premium crossover with a powerful engine and a unique interior.

It is one of the most technologically advanced crossover in the industry, with a 1.6L four-cylinder and a 1,200-hp motor.

The new WRZ is available in the most exotic color options including a “Black Metallic” and a “Red Metallic” in its base trim.

At the center of the WRX’s interior is the 3.6-liter, 8-cylum V-6.

This engine is rated at 1,000 horsepower and 446 lb-ft of torque.

The engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission that has a 10-speed manual gearbox.

The WRX has four seats and four armrests.

Its front seats fold up, and it has an active carbon fiber dash.

Inside, the driver and passenger will enjoy a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a premium steering wheel with a larger touchpad.

The front and rear seats can be folded flat for a more natural seating position.

A heated front seatslid and a sunroof complete the package.

The front seats are split down the middle for a greater degree of recline and better backrest comfort.

There is an active steering wheel, six-point harnesses, and a power seat.

There are also four knee support pillows for added support.

In addition to the WRZ’s unique exterior, it is the only model with a full interior suite, with the other offerings coming from Lexus, Hyundai, and Honda.

The interior is spacious and comfortable.

The seats fold flat for more natural positioning, while there are two armrest pillows on either side of the driver.

The instrument cluster is a digital display with navigation, climate, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The center console includes a power button, audio controls, a remote control, and an illuminated remote for the head unit.

There’s a power door that can be used to access the trunk or to access power outlets.

One of the first interior upgrades in the WRQZ, the center console is a full-size digital display.

There also is a power-adjustable remote for more comfortable driving.

The steering wheel is available for a tilt and telescoping, as well as the rear-view camera, and the instrument cluster can be tilted to a more reclining position.

Inside the WRP, there is also an audio control, a power rearview camera for better visibility, and LED headlamps.

The head unit can also be accessed via a sliding panel on the dash or a push-button remote.

The rear seats are available in a variety of different configurations and include a full height, standard, and recline recline.

There can be four kneerests and the seat can be adjusted to provide additional support.

The seat can also fold flat.

There has been some talk of the addition of heated seats in the rear seat.

There are two storage options available, a manual or a six position.

There were also two rear-seat armrest support options.

Standard and Six-Position seats The standard seats have the same dimensions as the standard WRX.

They feature a rear seat height of 32 inches (86 cm) and a height adjustable armrest height of 28 inches (79 cm).

Six-Position Seats Nissan has included six-position seats in some of its models since the first generation of the car.

The company uses the technology to improve occupant comfort.

When the car is parked, the front seats slide up toward the driver, and they can recline as well.

The driver can adjust the height of the seats to their liking, and one armrest is adjusted for each leg.

The recline height can be set to about 45 degrees for the center seats or about 75 degrees for those in the back.

In the center, there are four knee-rest pillow positions, which the driver can fold down to adjust.

The door handles are adjustable for each footrest position.

The WRX also comes with six- and six-passenger rear seats, with adjustable arm rests for each seat.

Nissan has also added a five- and four-seat cargo area.

The two front seats can reclock and are adjustable with two handrails.

A remote control can also control the seats.

This is not the first time Nissan has integrated this feature into its SUV lineup.

The previous generation of Wrx was equipped with a rear storage compartment that allowed

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