The interior customization for the new BMW X5 Coupe (Photo Gallery)

By the looks of the exterior, the new X5 is a very big SUV.

Its a bit too big for most Canadians, but the X5’s interior has been custom designed to suit that Canadian taste.

We took a look at the X3’s interior and its interior customization for the X6 and X7.

As it happens, the X7 is the first of two new X6 models that will enter the market next year.

The first X6 is the base X6 with the X4 trim package, and it is also available with the optional X6 Sport package, which adds a second, smaller rear seat for better ergonomics.

We have seen a few X6s in the past, but this is the most exciting.

The X6 has a full-height steering wheel, and you can also use the touchscreen navigation in the dash, something that was never available on the X2.

The interior is also quite spacious.

Inside the X1, there are two big, open-sided displays, with a 3.8-inch touch screen for instrument settings, and a 5.0-inch touchscreen display for the driver’s seat.

The driver’s head unit, which can be used as a tablet or a remote for voice commands, is also present.

The touch screen is not as big as the buttons on the touch screen of the X8.

The X6’s rear seats are a little larger than those on the rest of the BMW lineup, but they are very comfortable.

The center seats are more like an ordinary SUV than a hatchback.

You don’t get a big, full back seat like you do on the M3, but you get plenty of legroom.

The seatbacks are also very comfortable, as you can see from the photos.

We like the center seats, but we like the interior design of the new model.

The new X1’s interior is more comfortable and spacious than the X0 and X1.

There is room for a passenger to sit at the headrest and a larger cargo area to store more stuff.

This should also be a plus for people who don’t want to stand up all the time.

The only drawback is that the XK model doesn’t have the heated front seats, which is the big selling point for the M4, but that is not a deal breaker.

The new X3 was designed by BMW and is called X6.

It has an all-new 2.0T inline four-cylinder engine, and this engine makes 320 horsepower and 335 pound-feet of torque.

It’s available with a manual transmission and a six-speed automatic.

The rear seats have been redesigned for a wider rear seat position, with more legroom than the standard X1 seats.

You can also have the X-Drive seats and have the rear seats folded back.

The standard X5 has a rear seats that fold down to a size that’s about the same as a standard coupe.

There’s a smaller version of the convertible in the XP model.

Both the XZ and XZ Premium models come with an 18-inch infotainment touchscreen, a 7.1-inch audio system, Bluetooth 4.0, and rearview camera.

The optional X5 Sport package adds a rearview mirror and blind spot monitoring.

The top of the line X1 is priced at $49,900, and the XL comes in for $55,200.

We think that the standard pricing is a bit much for a midsize SUV, but its a good value for a mid-size SUV.

The BMW X6 will debut in China next year, and we expect it to sell in the region of 1.5 million vehicles in the first half of next year according to BMW.

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