Aussie car makers want to ‘turn our back on the future’

The Australian car industry has long been a leader in making cars that are affordable, fuel-efficient, and practical.

It has done so by building up a number of companies to make and sell cars, and it is one of the world’s largest consumer markets.

But the industry is also grappling with the fallout of a major downturn in the global economy, as well as the increasing power of big tech companies, such as Apple and Google, to dominate the market.

Now, the Australian car makers are fighting back with a range of new designs that they say are the future of the industry.

In Australia, the big companies that have been dominating the market are now looking to build on their success in the US and elsewhere.

They are aiming to make their vehicles better and cheaper, and they are also pushing for changes in how they sell cars.

In 2017, a new range of cars will be released, and the big car companies are using the new technology to make even bigger changes.

In the meantime, the major carmakers are making changes to their business model, as they grapple with the impact of the global economic slowdown on their revenues and the future growth of their businesses.

In a new report from the Australian Automotive Industry Council (AAIC), the big Australian car companies have outlined what they say is the need to make sure the future does not come to a halt.

They also have the backing of the US government.

The AAIC’s report is based on a review of the Australian industry, and on interviews with industry executives.

The AAAIC says it found the Australian market for the big cars has “diminished significantly” since the 1980s, when the Australian government invested $100 million in a $500 million car-making factory.

The $100m investment paid off, but in the 1990s the government decided it had to do more.

The government was “reluctant to take on the responsibility for investing in the industry, so we took the business out of government control,” said Paul Broughton, chief executive of the AAAIC.

The big Australian companies have been forced to rethink their strategy.

They have said that if they can’t sell their vehicles in Australia, they will build them elsewhere.

The industry’s focus is not just on making a profit, but on helping to turn the economy around.

It is also on ensuring that the future doesn’t come to an end.

The biggest challenge to the industry’s plans is the “future-proofing” of its vehicles.

A future-proofed car will not have to carry a battery pack that can last for 100,000 kilometres (62,000 miles) and that is not guaranteed.

This is why the AAIC says that the big three car companies must “think outside the box”.

They are proposing to offer an improved version of their cars that will last 50,000km, and will offer even better fuel economy, with an increased range, and an improved range-to-cost ratio.

The major car companies, which are collectively worth $1.8 trillion, say they have a plan to keep the Australian economy on track and to ensure it keeps growing at a healthy pace.

They say they are working with the AAIIC to ensure they are not left behind, because the industry needs to be “taken seriously”.

The AAIIIC has called for the government to do a lot more to help the industry and to keep up with the changes that are happening in the world of technology.

The main changes that will be proposed by the big players are: a “zero emissions” standard that will require the big manufacturers to buy only electric cars and not gas, hybrids, or diesel.

It will also make it harder for them to develop technology to increase the range of their vehicles.

The governments investment in a car manufacturing factory will be scaled back.

This will reduce the number of factories that can be built.

Instead, the AAIB says the major companies will be able to buy cars that can go from 0 to 60km/h in under eight seconds.

That is enough to get you from Melbourne to London in two hours, but that doesn’t include the extra time that would be needed to get from Melbourne on a diesel engine to the UK.

It also doesn’t take into account the fact that the AAIT can buy cars from smaller companies and still deliver the best quality of product.

“The AAIC will also be looking to support small and medium-sized businesses to compete in the future,” said Mark O’Brien, the chair of the AAICS.

“We’re not looking for an economy of car manufacturing, but for a world of car ownership.”

The AAI will also try to reduce the gap between rich and poor Australians.

This includes the requirement for all car purchases to be made by households with children, and a ban on the importation of cars from China. The aim is

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