What you need to know about the new Tesla S P85D model with the Autopilot software

In the new Autopilots, Tesla’s Autoplay feature allows you to watch the video feed of the car’s cameras and radar.

This is a great way to see the car in action, especially if you’re going on a long road trip or are trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the car.

And you can even turn it off and on while driving.

When you first open the Autoptics app, the AutOPilot mode automatically launches, and you can select the appropriate mode from the menu.

In the Autops mode, the car has four sensors on it that can detect and avoid objects and pedestrians in the road, as well as other cars in the lane.

Autoplays are also able to identify obstacles, including pedestrians, in the roadway and help you brake if needed.

The autopilot mode is designed to work with the same hardware as standard Autoplane, and Tesla says it’s also very similar to what is currently in use in other vehicles.

With Autoplan, the auto-pilot mode will automatically turn itself off if you turn your head, or when the car detects that you are not looking straight ahead, and automatically turn on to help you in the event that the road turns left.

In this mode, if the car turns left in a straight line, it will automatically stop and make a left turn.

The other new feature is Autopeer, which automatically takes over control when the driver is driving.

This feature is similar to Autopelanes, except it takes over when you turn the steering wheel or pedals.

It will not let you manually drive the car if the autopilot is turned off.

You can control the AutPilot mode by going into the Autonomous Driving mode in the Autos menu.

This mode will switch the autopilots off, but will let you control it manually.

In the new model, Autoprol has a lot of improvements over the Model S P80D, which had a much simpler Autoprocessor that relied on sensors and software rather than hardware.

Tesla’s AutOProl technology is a lot more efficient, and the new S 85D is expected to come in much smaller packages than the P80.

AutOPol has a smaller powertrain, a lower center of gravity, and more space for the driver.

It’s also likely to offer more battery storage, since Tesla’s previous Autopol model has been smaller than the current model.

Autopol, which was first developed for the Tesla Model S, has been used in a variety of cars.

The most notable one is the Tesla P85, which is one of the most popular vehicles in Tesla’s lineup.

It’s possible that Tesla will introduce a Model S 75D, but there’s no word on that yet.

Tesla will be launching a new SUV in 2018, the Model X. Follow us on Twitter:  @thephillymag  For more from The Daily Mail, like us on Facebook.

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