When you think Himalayan, you think snowmobile, say Indian companies

The name of the game in the Himalayan Mountains is snowmobiles.

And, in the case of Indian companies, they’ve made a name for themselves by making the most of their terrain.

The state of Uttarakhand, home to the world’s highest peak, is home to some of the world�s best mountain ranges, and the region is home in part to some amazing ski resorts, including Sherpa and K2, which both boast ski trails and alpine skiing. The state�s capital, Haridwar, has also had a history of being an inspiration for international brands.

So it comes as a shock to learn that Indian companies are taking the reins on some of their most iconic properties, which are the Everest Base Camp and the Everest Summit. 

The Everest Base camp in the Indian state of Haridwari.

Google News/Srikanth Singh/Business Insider The Everest Summit, located in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, sits just outside the Nepali capital, New Delhi. 

According to the Himalaya Institute, India ranks as the world No. 3 largest exporter of snowmobilers, which is why a slew of companies in the region have sprung up to offer products and services related to their businesses. 

“We want to have a strong presence in the market.

We are trying to expand our market in terms of the quality of products,” said Ankit Agarwal, chairman of Everest Summit Limited, a unit of Everest Basecamp.

The company has developed the Everest Ski Pack, which includes an all-weather, mountain bike-friendly model that can travel up to 7,500m.

The Everest Summit is available to order now on the company�s website. 

On the ski trail, there are two mountain bikes in the Everest Mountain Bike Club, a company that has its headquarters in Kathmandur.

The club has partnered with two of India�s leading ski resorts to develop a snowmobile touring package, and it is now available to purchase online.

The ski bike is equipped with a carbon fiber fork and a Shimano 105 road bike with a 105mm disc brake for added strength.

The package also comes with a ski boot and an additional helmet, which helps protect the rider from falls. 

While there are several snowmotor related companies, the Everest summit is the most popular, with its terrain that includes the K2 mountains.

The base camp also offers a unique terrain experience, which involves riding the mountain in a helicopter. 

Srikant Singh, chief executive officer of Everest Mountain, told Business Insider that the company is in talks with multiple international brands to develop additional products and marketing strategies related to its products and businesses.

The Summit is also available to rent from several local companies, but it is a more popular option for local companies due to the mountain terrain.

Singh added that the base camp is also a great place to stay while exploring the mountain, since it has an outdoor cafe, spa, and an outdoor ice skating rink. 

Aguarwal added that there are also some ski tours available from Sherpa Ski Lodge in the area, which offer more in-depth tours, including the famous Himalayan Ski Club. 

There are also more than 40,000 guest rooms at Everest Summit and its associated hotels, but only 5,000 of those rooms are available to book online, according to Agarwall. 

Everest Summit is located on a mountain in the eastern Himalayas of Nepal, which means it is an extremely challenging and demanding area to ski.

Agarwalski said that the resorts in the valley also have an outdoor gym. 

For those interested in learning more about Himalayan terrain, check out the official Himalayan Institute website.

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