When BMW adds the e46 to the line, it’ll be one of the best sedans in the world

It’s a bit of a shame that we didn’t get to see the new BMW e46 in the flesh a few months ago, but thanks to our friend Steve, we’re now able to put the new vehicle in its proper context.

The new e46 is an evolution of the first generation, with the same design language and materials as the current model, but with a few more features.

The front fender, for example, is now a pair of LED taillights, as opposed to a traditional fender.

And the front grill is now wrapped in an aluminum fin design that is more akin to a hatchback.

The rear decklid has also been redesigned.

We’ll let Steve explain:The front fenders are more aggressive, more aggressive and, well, aggressive.

I’m not sure if they’re trying to do the same thing or if they think, “Oh, well this is a good way to make the front fend look more aggressive.”

It’s really interesting, because I know that in the past they’ve used these same aggressive front ferrules in the e36 but in this case they’re going to use the same ones.

It’s not a drastic change, it’s a small one.

I’ve never seen them do it before, so it’s not like they’re doing something revolutionary.

They’re just doing something they like, and I think that’s good.

There’s a lot of things that are different here from what we saw in the car in the original model.

The tail lights are really much bigger.

The wheel arch is higher, because they’re really pushing the front wheel up higher.

The doors have been completely re-shaped, and they’ve been raised out.

The roof has been changed to a single-piece piece of aluminum and wrapped in a fin design.

There are now LED tailly taillight headlights, and the taillamps are more pronounced and more aggressive.

It looks like it’s more aggressive than it was in the E30, which was a pretty aggressive design.

The suspension on this one is really good.

It feels more like a sporty sedan.

I don’t know how many times I’ve ever heard that BMW is not really interested in making a car that’s going to be very aggressive.

The car feels like it could be more aggressive at a certain point, but it’s just not aggressive enough.

It has more than enough grip, but the steering is not the same.

I guess you could say that the suspension is the only thing that is really different in this car.

There was a lot more rear end than there was front end in the previous generation, and it was kind of a big step forward.

The rear-wheel drive system is really responsive.

I mean, it feels a lot like the E36, but there’s more torque.

It was kind.

It felt like it was a bit more responsive.

The steering feels more linear and more predictable.

It just feels more responsive than the E34.

It can go up hill and feel a lot better on it, but I didn’t really feel that much of a difference on the hill.

The traction control is very responsive.

It gives you a lot less slip and more grip, and you’re not going to get that kind of feeling when you’re in a car like this.

I think it’s the best front-wheel-drive system that we’ve ever seen.

There is more traction, which is a really good thing.

It is very smooth.

It makes it really easy to keep your balance.

It also makes it feel really good to have a steering wheel in the middle of the road, because it really feels like you’re driving a real sport car.

It’s not quite as aggressive as the E46, but BMW did take the same approach to the suspension and brakes that we saw from the E40 and E40s.

The brakes on the E42 were a bit too soft, but in the new car, they’re much more responsive and responsive, so you can definitely feel more of that power.

The E46 is a bit sharper on the brakes.

I was expecting that BMW might have gone back to the E39s, and this is very close to the same level.

There aren’t a lot to complain about.

The tires are the same as the e34s.

There isn’t much to complain.

It does have a bit better traction, but not as much as you’d like.

It would be a great car to drive if you wanted to have some serious horsepower.

It could be a really fun car.

I think the E47 and the E48 were very, very different from the first E46.

The new car is really, really close to what we’ve seen from BMW in the last 10 years.

It takes the same cues from the previous cars

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