How to customize the 707 cabin

In the wake of the 787’s introduction in 2012, Boeing was keen to build an airplane that would appeal to those who had been looking for a bigger, more luxurious option.

And with the 797 and 777 already on the market, the company felt that its 707 lineup would offer a more compelling proposition to a broader group of customers, including business jets.

But it wasn’t enough to win over those who wanted more spacious seats.

A new cabin layout was necessary, which led to the 767s introduction in 2015, along with the 777 and 777X.

The 767 is one of the smallest passenger planes in the world, measuring just over 1,200 square feet (the 767X is over 1.2 acres), while the 757 is the largest and heaviest.

Boeing took the opportunity to improve both its size and comfort to attract business travelers, but it also added the ability to customize their cabin for their own needs.

For example, the 771X offers a more spacious interior with a full-size bed, a smaller table, and a more comfortable reclining seat.

The same goes for the 775 and 777.

For the 777, the full-sized bed can be swapped for a sofa, while the smaller table can be replaced for a chair.

The smaller table has a built-in chair, while a smaller chair can be added for the right-hand side of the seats.

The 767 X, 771 X, and 775X are also available with either a two- or four-seater configuration.

The 777X is the most affordable of the trio, priced at $24,995.

For a smaller seat, the 777X can be equipped with a sofa or chair, and for a larger seat, a full table can replace the one on the right side of both seats.

The new seating configuration for the 777 X can also be customized with a more private cabin.

In this configuration, the cabin can be either a private cabin with a separate shower and toilet, or a cabin with no cabin, a private shower, and toilet.

The Boeing 757X features a four-seat cabin, with the right edge of the seat being reserved for a private bathroom.

The cabin is configured with two- and four-person reclining seats.

For the 777x, the right and left edge of each seat can be configured with a private toilet.

The right and center edge can also host a fully-functioning bathroom.

A seat with a toilet can also replace the left side of one of those seats.

It is also possible to choose the left and center edges of the two-seat configuration, with a fully functional bathroom added for those who prefer it.

The new 777X and 777 XR models are now available in three colors: blue, red, and gold.

The colors are available in the United States, as well as in select European markets.

The A320X and A320, both the newest and cheapest models of the 737 family, are also now available.

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