When is a car not a car? – Recode

A new report from Recode indicates that more and more Americans are not buying cars.

The report comes just weeks after Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said that he doesn’t see a way to sell a mass-market electric car.

“I don’t see the mass market, I don’t think there’s a mass market,” Musk said.

“If you’re not buying a car, you’re missing out on the best part of your life.”

Recode has obtained the report, which has been circulating among Tesla insiders.

It shows that a record number of Americans are now buying SUVs, SUVs with no more than three passengers, and SUVs without any passengers.

In total, the report says, there are nearly 10 million SUVs in the U.S. today.

This includes over 10 million cars, trucks, and buses.

The number of SUVs is growing, and more people are buying them.

However, the new report indicates that this growth is slowing.

The study suggests that as people buy more cars, their driving habits change.

As a result, the number of drivers on the road is decreasing.

Recode’s report indicates a significant shift from traditional driving habits, such as commuting by car to walking and biking, to driving by truck.

While it is true that most people don’t drive for work, it is also true that fewer people work and have more leisure time.

For example, nearly 40 percent of U.K. adults work for at least one job, and just over half work for one or more hours a day.

“While it is too soon to say if the mass adoption of SUV will lead to a mass crash, we do know that it is likely that the vast majority of drivers are not going to be driving for work in the future,” the report reads.

Tesla is now the world’s largest automaker, with nearly 30 million vehicles sold.

It is also a big player in electric vehicle technology.

In May, Tesla CEO Elon Trump said that his company is making a big bet on electric vehicles.

“We are making a huge bet on battery technology,” he said at the time.

“In the future, battery technology will be much more powerful than it is today.

So, we will be making an electric car for many years to come.”

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